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Image by Jeremy Perkins

Wildfire Buddies Project

Many people in Berkeley and Oakland’s fire zones are isolated or have experienced the threat of power outages and wildfires as something they have been left to deal with alone, unsupported. We want to change that by creating a powerful sense of community support and solidarity.

Let’s start with connection.

Berkeley Mutual Aid Wildfire Buddies can provide logistical and emotional support to anyone who lives in a high fire risk area.  

Wildfire buddies are not professionals—we are ordinary people who are ready to step up and say: Yes, I can help!


To be a wildfire buddy, you do not need to know everything, you just need to be willing to problem solve and look for resources online to help your buddy plan and prepare.

Here’s how it works:

  • Anyone can volunteer on our website to be a wildfire buddy. 

  • Anyone who needs support with their wildfire preparedness can ask for a wildfire buddy. 

  • Berkeley Mutual Aid will match buddies and send an introduction, along with sharing resources and Zoom-based training. Buddies are about conversation, and the BMA community has shared lots of creative ideas for Wildfire Buddies.

  • The buddy match starts with a conversation: “Do you feel ready for a wildfire, and what can I do to help?”

  • Conversation is followed by action—getting more prepared and ready!



If you would like to volunteer to be a buddy, fill out the volunteer form here. Choose “Wildfire Buddy” under “What can you assist with?”

Request Help

If you live in a fire zone or need help preparing for wildfire threats, fill out the request help form here. Choose “Wildfire Buddy” under “What do you need assistance with?” 

If you need help in filling out the online form, call Berkeley Mutual Aid at (510) 519-6770

See more resources for wildfire buddies here. 

Also check out the "Living with Wildfires" video (11/10/21) for great tips and info.

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