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Help Spread the Word by Flyering

You can help spread the word and connect those in need with those who can help by distributing flyers in your neighborhood . . . or another neighborhood. You can download a PDF of the flyer and print it out on your printer, or you can pick up flyers from these Berkeley locations: Safeway, Berkeley Bowl, and Mi Tierra Foods. You can see what neighborhoods have already been flyered on this FLYERING Google Map, and then add the area you've flyered to the map so others can see and don't duplicate your work!

Display in Your Window


Safety Protocols

We want you to limit your exposure while you are out and limit the chance that you might spread any germs while distributing the fliers.


  • As anywhere you go out these days, the social distancing order calls for staying 6 feet away from others. (It’s hard to hand a flier to someone from 6 feet away)

  • Do not distribute flyers if you or anyone in your household is even mildly sick

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the flyers. If you have alcohol/Clorox wipes or hand sanitizer, you might want to bring some with you (although we know they’re in short supply)

  • It might help to carry the fliers in a cloth bag to make handling them easier

  • Do not touch your face while you are distributing flyers

  • If you touch your face while you are out, use wipes/hand sanitizer before touching flyers again

  • Use your judgment to minimize touching door handles, mailbox lids, or railings with your hands—these items can be sources of contamination. (note: mailboxes are reserved for USPS mail only.

  • Do not attach flyers to door handles or other places where people have to touch

  • If you choose to wear gloves, just be aware it is very easy for gloves to get contaminated. Remember: don’t touch your face with gloves on and remove them safely and wash your hands when done.

  • Watch out for stairs and curbs; and don’t enter a yard where there is a dog, no matter how cute

  • Wash your hands after distributing fliers before you return home. 

  • If at any time you feel unsafe or you feel you are putting yourself or others at risk of exposure, please stop.

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