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Berkeley Mutual Aid COVID Vaccination Support Project

There are several ways that BMA has been supporting the COVID vaccination effort: 

  1. Supporting folks over phone/email in navigating the process for getting appointments, which can be very hard for people, especially if they do not have comfort with technology. If you need help getting an appointment, email or phone (510) 519-6770.

  2. Maintaining a crowd-sourced info tracking sheet with local vaccination sites and their status; including updates when we know of local appointments available. We’ve also posted alerts via Twitter when local appointments become available.

  3. Weekly updates with eligibility information and links in our newsletters. 

  4. Although we don’t match specifically for rides, we know that some established BMA volunteer/buddy matches have chosen to give rides to vaccination appointments.

  5. BMA paid $450 for 30 rides to vaccination sites for seniors and people with disabilities, provided by local paratransit organization, Easy Does It

  6. We have communicated feedback and constructive recommendations to the City of Berkeley sharing the experiences of people with the vaccination appointment process, especially challenges that have been faced by seniors and people with disabilities.

About Us

Berkeley Mutual Aid is an evolving effort developed by volunteers in the community to get neighborly support to where it is needed most. As this crisis evolves, our project will continue to respond and shift priorities as needed. Learn more


T: 510-519-6770 (voicemail only)


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