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Crowd with Masks


It’s clear that masks are vital for both individuals and communities to stop the spread of COVID. If you need to be convinced of that, there’s lots of science-based sources to read up on, but this one is a good one with lots of straight-forward detail.

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Need a Mask  |  Make a Mask

If you need a mask (or masks) for your household, please sign up online or if for folks who don’t have access to the internet, call (510) 859-4502. If you have questions about our Mask Initiative to make sure that everyone in Berkeley has access to a mask, you can email


If you have sewing skills and would like to make masks for others, you can use the same online signup form to volunteer to be a part of our program. If you need materials, patterns, or want to know where to drop them off, or if you need them picked up, you can reach out and we’ll make sure volunteers help you out. And . . . THANK YOU!

Mask templates

Here’s a link to a good explanation on how to make a good mask:


And here are the downloadable instructions as a PDF.

Other groups making masks

There are lots of good folks out there working to get masks to those who need them.
If you’re on Facebook, this is a great group: DIY Fabric Masks to Support Our Med-Staff Sheroes and Heroes. Their focus is on making sure that medical professionals are getting the PPE they need. 

Other kinds of PPE (personal protective equipment)

We also have access to lots of hand sanitizer because a bunch of UC Berkeley students used their awesome lab skills to make the good stuff! We have lots of it, but we’re still working on getting the small spray bottles. But call or email us at the contact info at the very top and we’ll make sure you can get it!

What to do when you see folks not wearing masks

Our very own Erica Etelson wrote this wonderful piece: Mask Shaming Won’t Work: Try These Five Things Instead. 

There are lots of deep dives to do on masks, but generally, some kind of face covering is better than nothing. That said, here's a Washington Post article on why "gaiters" may be worse!

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